Class Scholarships

Many of our alumni have established, or are in the process of establishing, class scholarships to help fund the education of deserving students at Lab.

For classes celebrating milestone reunions this year, we will update the data on incoming gifts and pledgesthrough October 12, 2018. After that time, and for all other classes, we will update the data annually, following the June 30 close of the fiscal year, once financial records have been finalized.

If you have any questions about this information, or if you would like to discuss creating or supporting a scholarship fund, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations and Development at or 773-702-0578.

Class Scholarship Funding Progress

Class of 1953
79% of $200,000
Class of 1954
382% of $50,000
Class of 1960
31% of $350,000
Class of 1962
76% of $250,000
Class of 1963
108% of $100,000
Class of 1964
24% of $100,000
Class of 1965
69% of $100,000
Class of 1973
54% of $100,000
Class of 1977
83% of $300,000
Class of 1978
75% of $100,000
Class of 1982
44% of $100,000
Class of 1990
50% of $100,000
Class of 1995
56% of $50,000
Class of 2000
88% of $25,000
Class of 2005
51% of $50,000
Class of 2007
66% of $50,000
Class of 2008
74% of $50,000
Class of 2009
59% of $100,000
Class of 2010
63% of $150,000
Class of 2011
87% of $50,000
Class of 2012
67% of $150,000
Class of 2013
72% of $100,000
Class of 2014
96% of $250,000
Class of 2015
94% of $100,000
Class of 2016
91% of $100,000
Class of 2017
139% of $100,000
Class of 2018
106% of $100,000

The history of class scholarships at Lab has been one of many starts. Beginning with the Class of 1953 in 2004, the first class scholarship was established. Over time, a few more classes came together to start their own.

Beginning in 2007, parents of Lab seniors began to establish class scholarships in honor of their graduating children. These funds became lasting legacies to those classes and permanent funds that alumni can continue to grow as they enter their careers and begin to give back.

Then in 2009, the Class of 1962 helped Lab establish a serious reunion giving program focused initially on the establishment of a 50th Reunion Class Scholarship, which has now grown to include many classes doing the same.

Interested in starting a class scholarship?

In order to establish a scholarship, a class must raise $100,000 in gifts or pledges. These gifts and pledges can be paid out over five years and can also be made through gifts of securities.

Alumni from the classes of the past 20 years can establish a scholarship at a lower level with some restrictions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Zarobe at